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How to Chip Carve the 2020 Christmas Ornament

Clog Wooden Shoe Pattern Booklet

Chip Carve and Color a Basswood Box

4 Keys to Successful Chip Carving eBook

7 Christmas Ornament Patterns

Practice Pattern Bundle

How to Hold a Chip Carving Knife

The “Rollover Grip” for Chip Carving

Take a TOUR of the Website

Quick Start Chip Carving Kit

Quick Start to Chip Carving: Part 1

Quick Start to Chip Carving: Part 2

Quick Start to Chip Carving: Part 3

Quick Start to Chip Carving: Part 4

How to Sharpen Your Knife From Dangerously Dull to Scary Sharp!

10 Minutes to Scary Sharp!

Carving Magazine, Summer 2014, Marty Leenhouts

Perpetual Calendar Pattern

Perpetual Calendar Part 1

Perpetual Calendar Part 2

Perpetual Calendar Part 3

Perpetual Calendar Part 4

55 of Marcel’s Carvings!

7 MyChipCarving Knife Handle Patterns!