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“Hi Marty, I just wanted to thank you for putting together the lettering course (ie. How to Chip Carve Letters & Numbers, Everything from A to Z). I appreciate your thoroughness and detail – lots of very helpful information & tips. It will be a great help to me . . .  worth the cost of platinum membership by itself.”

Mitch L.

“Thanks for all the great learning helps on your web site. I got started on chip carving by down loading step by step instruction from National Woodcarving School, Inc, Canada. Your videos are much better.”

Pete has this to say…

“My husband and I both chip carve, and enjoy it as a hobby, as well as for making gifts for family and friends. Keep up the good work with your newsletters, and with your great ideas.”

Geri S. says…

“I have been saving all the lessons you post on the website and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you sharing you skills and talent freely with us.”

Angie is so encouraging…

Just wanted to say what a great job you’re doing in the name of chip carving. Your efforts have brought chip carving to the beginner and those interested in taking up this rare and beautiful old method of wood carving for the first time. Not to mention adding to the skill of experienced chip carver.

Always in the chip

Barry McKenzie

“Got the modified knife and ordered the regular knife and got it. Almost automatic chip carving! Wow how the right tool makes all the difference. I also got some basswood from you and it made a difference as well. The wood I was using was some basswood that I bought at a lumber supplier. I think it was for cabinets or something. Not good. Anyway it seems I always have to learn the hard way. I would say to anyone wanting to learn how to chip carve get good kniifes (yours) good wood and good teaching (Yours too). Thanks for all you do.”

Don Thomas

“In my capacity as an Extension Service agent, I’ve been really interested in creating distance education modules since many people just can’t come to a traditional face to face kind of class. So from that perspective, as well as a student, I admire your videos greatly – they are very clear and thorough, and the pace is excellent. Great job!”

Bob sees quality teaching…

Hi Marty:
Greetings from The Great White North!!
I had to pass on my great experience with my purchase. After purchasing my knife and paying for it, I received a note from Bethany, to the effect that shipping could be done for about $10.00 USD less than the original quote and that she had credited my Visa card for the amount saved. Despite the horrendous exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar (around $.77 CDN) I am pleased to have dealt with you. The knife arrived about 5 business days. I have only just used the knife to carve letters. It is easier to do this when you are hauling less metal through the wood. As a grandfather, I have carved a little “treasure box” for each of them with their initials on the top. It went fine for the M in Maryn, and I managed a stylized J for Jackson but I was dreading doing the S for Silas. I think the modified knife may have solved my problem! Impressed by the weight of the knife along with the balance – it just falls into one’s grip perfectly. I have gotten used to the thinness of the blade compared to my cutting knives which have a thicker blade. Of course this is why the modified knife works so well on curves. My technique will need to learn to turn the wood under the knife as shown on your videos. Thank you for a product that does what is promises to do, sold by an honest and efficient seller.

Honest, efficient and a quality product! Paul L.

“About a year ago I first became aware of the tutorial videos, carving patterns and chip carving supplies available through your website. Since then I studied the many carving techniques outlined in the tutorials and purchased many items from your store. I have sucessufully completed Christmas tree ornaments, several wedding plates, napkin holders and candle holders. All have brought accolades and have been gifted to family and friends. I really want to compliment you on your efforts to help a beginng chip carver become comfortable wilth my new hobby. The tutorials are very clear, easily understood and adapted and your store items are reasonably priced and high quality. I have no complaints. I believe that the wood you supply has been carefully inspected to assure your customers receive only quality products. This particularily true with the various shaped products like your basswood household goods and plates and dishes. These products are obviously turned and otherwise manufactured with great care. I have yet to receive a wooden item with surface defects, warpage or other compromise of overall quality. Shipping is always very fast and and I usually recieve my order in just a matter of days. I’m very glad pleased that you have effectively become my chip carving mentor. Thank you for anticipating my needs and having solid solutions readily available.”

Jon is new to chip carving and commented…

“I had several items and the box I finished from a competitor. Your boxes and items are of a significantly better wood quality and have better workmanship. The wood has better grain and thicker, not as susceptible to chip out, and the imbedded hinges and construction are superior.I went through the top of the competitor’s box in several places and had to use filler to cover the break throughs. I appreciate both of you. Finding real satisfaction in my progress.”

Dustan checked out the competition and had this to say…

“You did such an awesome job on my parents 50th Anniversary plate, I wanted to let even more people know about it. They absolutely love it.”


“I have been carving since October, and can say without reservation that I have caught the bug. Also wanted to express my appreciation for all you have done to promote this. I am sure you hear it all the time, but I don’t know if I would be as impassioned in doing this without the work you have done to make it easy to learn. Thanks!”

Chris email me these kind words…

“I know you are dedicated to teaching and service to your customers.”

Wayne Barton

“I have been dealing with My Chip Carving for about 1-1/2 years and I can’t say enough good things about them. Products are of high quality, any delays in shipment & they will notify you. Any problems carving, Marty will be in touch for assistance. An outstanding way to learn how to chip carve, & improve your skills as you learn. Included in the site is a store, video tutorials, patterns, E-letters, etc. It should be noted that the website is updated with new patterns & tutorials.”

Bartley Kokotowski

“I want you to know that you have developed a great web site to share you passion for chip carving and I am going to add a link from my site to yours. The concept for my site is to be a resource to promote woodcarving and your site is for sure a great resource.”

Jerry the web developer says this…

“Marty, you seem to have the philosophy that you are there to serve us lonely chippers. Which of course leads to more sales for you. I really appreciate the fact that you offer quite a few patterns and your videos are excellent. It makes it very hard for me not to send you orders.”

Rino understands my philosophy…

“Marty, Just finished using your sharpening kit. WOW! What a difference and so easy. Took all the guess work out of it.”

Regarding the Sharpening Kit, Doug makes this comment…

“The plates you sent are very high quality and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

S.T. appreciates high quality plates…

“Your 12 point rosette lesson is outstanding. I have chip carved enough to have passable technique and am always trying to improve that as well (and probably more so at this point) trying to improve my layout capabilities. No matter how many times I have read Wayne’s books (and other’s!) I have never been able to internalize the instructions for this basic layout. One viewing of watching you do it made it all crystallize for me. In a day in age when 98% of web content does little but sell stuff your instructional videos provide genuine value added to your store. Thanks for the service. As a result, my next chip carving related purchases will be steered in your direction.”

Two thumbs up from Russ…

“I really like your videos! I’ve never seen anything like chip carving before – very interesting to watch.”

Mark says this…

“Thank you, Marty. I am enjoying the patterns you generously share with me. I am a potter, by the way. Making pots are easy, sometimes boring. When glaze-firing fails, your good-work is ruined. Your patterns rejuvenate me, and I love every moment of discovering the beauty of chip carving. ”

Therese rejuvenates me…

“While browsing the woodworking category on Howcast.com, a new video sharing Web site dedicated all things how-to, we came across a series of videos by Minnesota chip carver, Marty Leenhouts, who demonstrates several technique for carving shapes and patterns on wood. Take a look at the video above and you’ll have no excuse to not try it.”

Fine Woodworking Magazine even picked up on the My Chip Carving videos…

“Your news letter just keeps getting better & better. Great job young man!”

Jim K. keeps me young with this comment…

“Dear Marty, I am very excited to get started with chip carving and very much appreciate the video classes on your site. I feel very confident that I will enjoy learning everything you have to teach. I have been wanting something like this for a long time. Thank you again.”

Jeannette is inspired…

“Thank you for providing with open hands help to us new at the art of chip carving.
One year ago I put chip carving aside due to lack of tips for the trickier aspects of chip carving, like tight curves. I am only interested in high quality results so what an energizer to get some tips that raise the level of quality, ease and enjoyment of creating pleasant pieces of art and gifts.
I know hands on and visual learning with a teacher can facilitate progress, thanks for that offer too.”

Ray wants to advance his skills and says…