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Clear basswood or EZboard, 7-1/2″

7.5″ trivet with routed edges and four button feet

Pattern application available

To finish a wood trivet you have several options. For regular use keep in mind that a pan straight from the oven or stove top can reach 500 degrees. Most of us won’t put a pan this hot straight on a trivet but it is good to keep this in mind. You can always put a pot holder on top of the trivet and then you can use any finish you like. Following are some high temperature finishes. Your local home center might have this product in the following brands or another brand not listed.

Home Depot – Rustoleum Clear High Heat Enamel, protects surface from intermittent heat up 2000 degrees F

Deco Color Clear Lacquer – up to 300 degrees F

MoTip Heat-Resistant Clear Lacquer for treated and untreated surfaces exposed to very high temperatures. It is suitable for use on exhaust pipes, ovens and grills etc.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 1 in

Basswood Trivet, Basswood Trivet with pattern applied, EZboard Trivet, EZboard Trivet with pattern applied

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    Ales Janosik

    This makes a great kitchen table centerpiece. I’ve just finished one recently!

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    Charles Dobbs

    I recommend it to every body around the world that your web site your different Level of course and the product is the best there is everything about you is fantastic keep advancing Marty I pray for you and your Family and Business everyday.


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