Diamond Chip Carving Knives-seconds


Diamond Chip Carving Knives – seconds

When these blades were first produced, I hand ground several blades while waiting for the factory to grind the rest of the order. As a result these knives do not have a perfect factory grind. Also, the thickness of these hand ground blades is in between the Ruby and Diamond blades. We will stand behind these knives as we do any knife we sell. If you have any trouble with your knife please send it back and we will repair/replace it or give you a refund.
Please look at the images to identify the different handle types. Quantities are limited.


Exotic wood handles are made from either zebrawood or Brazilian chestnut. Large brass rivets help secure the blade to the handle. Thumb notches are custom ground on each side of the handle registering a consistent 60 degree knife angle whether you are right or left handed.

Besides a different handle, the only difference between the Ruby and Diamond Knives is that the Ruby blades are ground so each blade is stronger and more forgiving (see posted image). There’s a trade-off between blade strength and ease of cutting. We believe we’ve found the proper balance so the blade tip won’t break as you learn how to chip carve.

Cutting Knife – the bold blade on the cutting knife is perfect for making deep cuts, straight lines and gradual curves. The geometry of the blade angle allows maximum depth with minimal effort.

Ruby Modified Knife – less metal on the spine makes this knife perfect for tight curves and fine detail work. Dragging less metal around curves leads to chatter-free, smooth curves.

All My Chip Carving Knives are 100% guaranteed so you can carve confidently and enjoy your hobby.

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Deluxe Cutting (second) wenge pinned handle, Deluxe Modified (second) wenge pinned handle, Leopardwood Cutting (second) reddish color handle, Leopardwood Modified (second) reddish color handle, Bocote Cutting (second) brown color handle, Zebrawood Cutting (second) brown color handle, Zebrawood Modified (second) brown color handle


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