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PLATINUM EDITION 3-KNIFE SET – replaced by Diamond Knives!


PLATINUM EDITION Knife Set, by My Chip Carving
Replaced by Diamond Knives!

(Please note: stropping may be needed to achieve maximum sharpness)

Razor sharp, AEB-L razor blade stainless steel, 0.040″ blade thickness, pre-sharpened, Rockwell 60 hardness, full tang blades! Cutting and Modified knives have thumb notches to register your grip when carving. Rosewood handle with brass pins. Modified knife has less metal on the top of the blade for curved cuts, lettering, and detail work.  Made in the U.S.A. Lifetime warranty! I use the My Chip Carving Knives for all my carving and with every student that I teach. Definitely the best chip carving knives on the market today. Steve said it all when he commented, “Just got my knife today and all I can say is WOW! What a difference it makes.”

Order a basswood Knife Box to protect your knives.

Click here for information why I chose AEB-L steel.

AEB-L vs common American carbon steels 
“Roman Landes and John Verhoeven have both done different tests with AEB-L. In CATRA testing Dr. Verhoeven found AEB-L to outcut 52100, 1086, and Wootz damascus. He also found AEB-L to be able to take a smaller edge radius than 52100 in controlled sharpening tests. Roman Landes found AEB-L to have greater edge stability, toughness, and wear resistance than 52100. Edge  stability is a property that describes a steel’s ability to hold a finely sharpened edge. 52100 is one of the most well respected carbon steels, and is well known for its small carbides, high toughness, and high edge stability, so it’s impressive that AEB-L was able to beat it in these categories, while also having greater wear resistance and being a stainless steel. Many users have reported that AEB-L sharpens as easily as any other carbon steel they have used.”

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12 reviews for PLATINUM EDITION 3-KNIFE SET – replaced by Diamond Knives!

  1. Timothy McCurry
    5 out of 5

    I picked up these knives at Carvefest 2013 in Faribault, MN. I haven’t used the Stab knife yet, but the other two knives are amazing with a handle design that makes long sessions more comfortable and allows you to maintain control. The modified knife allows for those tight turns. Notice the metal runs the full length of the knife for durability and control. I got them with the box.

  2. Kenneth Handschuh
    5 out of 5

    I have yet to own these knives but from everything I have seen and heard they seen superior to what I now have.

  3. Kenneth Handschuh
    5 out of 5

    I have yet to purchase these knives from what I have seen the are superior to what I now have.

  4. Sergey Bocharov
    5 out of 5

    I was carving for the whole weekend with knives from the set I received recently. I have to say that the knives are really very good. Both knives (standard and modified) are cutting nicely and are very comfortable in hand. They stay sharp for a long time. I had to round over just a little bit the sharp edge and corner of the wooden handle near the blade for more comfortable feeling of my index finger. In my collection of chip carving knives I also have Pfeil Swiss made, WB, John Dunkle and Dennis Moor’s knives – so I tried enough to know what it should be. This set is highly recommendable. I bought complete set of three knives from MyChipcarving in wooden box and have no problem to carry them in the box here-there with me. By the way, the box itself is also a subject to be carved in future. Thank you, Marty!

  5. Donald Thomas
    5 out of 5

    I tried to take short cuts with everything. Should have known with carving short cuts are not alway good. Ha ha. I bought a Flex Cut knife and it worked but not good. I asked for one of My Chip Carving knifes for Christmas and got it. Wow what a difference. I ended up buying all three knifes one at a time. Should have bought the set. The modified knife is sooo good for curves and lettering. They stay sharp and only require a little stropping now and then. Thanks Marty for some great knifes.

  6. Todd Thompson
    5 out of 5

    These knives are of excellent quality and have a great feel when carving. I tried some other chip carving knives, but they did not come close to this set in feel and comfort while carving. Being a new chip carver, these knives helped me to obtain good results which is important for a beginner and made my practicing more encouraging. I highly recommend these knives!

  7. John Thompson
    5 out of 5

    I bought the 3 knife set with the case recently. I was actually only looking for the modified knife, but decided to just go all in and get all 3.Boy am I glad I did. The modified knife worked exactly as i had hoped. I found videos of Marty showing how to use it for lettering and that was really what I was hoping for. But I wasn’t expecting to be so pleased with the other two.I’m not sure how to word how pleased I am. it’s clear immediately that these are made by someone that’s a pro. They fit so perfectly in the hand, and the angle of the blade is great. it makes it natural to hold at the proper angle.Couldn’t be happier, and I’m so glad I just got all 3. Had i not, my guess is I’d have come back after using the detailed knife anyway.Thanks for a GREAT set of knives. The box, by the way, it’s a nice additionincidentally, I also picked up 5 boards. Actually that’s how I initially found the site. The quality of the wood is fantastic. The pieces I got are all perfect.

  8. Ahmet FIRAT
    5 out of 5

    My Chip Carving Knives, the best chip carving knives. Razor sharp

  9. Murad Rahimov
    5 out of 5

    My chip carving knives are perfect , they are both beautiful and effective . They can be used by beginner intermediate or advanced level chip carvers

  10. James hayes
    5 out of 5

    I did a considerable amount of research in order to decide which chip carving knife set to purchase. I am new to chip carving but it interests me and I tend to go into whatever interests me 100% +. My thought was that whatever I bought would probably last a lifetime if of good quality. Ultimately I chose the Platinum Edition 3-knife set from My Chip Carving. I like the full tang feature, the thumb indent and the rosewood handles, which are beautiful. While I could probably make do with just the main knife and the stab knife, I have found that the modified knife with a more narrow tip allows me to more easily deal with tight radii. I just completed my first chip carving project and am quite pleased with the results. The knives cut beautifully and hold an edge very well. In short, I couldn’t be more pleased. Yes, the Platinum set is a bit more expensive than some others that I considered but it is well worth the cost in my opinion. If you buy these knives, you won’t be disappointed.

  11. James Seelye
    5 out of 5

    Your knives were recommended to me by a local carver who uses them. I am new to chip carving but these knives have a good feel and seem to stay sharp “forever”. I am completely satisfied with them. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a good set of tools.

  12. Mary Jam
    5 out of 5

    I’m new to chip carving and for a while I had a knife that wasn’t nearly the quality of the Premium knives. I used a friend’s Premium knife and it was very much an improvement over the old knife so I ordered my own set. Very nice set–feels good in your hand, and cuts very well. Highly recommended.

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