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Diamond Chip Carving Knives

(17 customer reviews)


My Chip Carving Diamond Knives will revolutionize your chip carving! The cutting edge is extra thin and razor sharp. Made from high grade steel and hardened to Rc60-61, the full tang blade is 0.040″ on the spine and precision ground to a thin edge that will slice through your wood to remove chip after chip. These same precision blades are used on all Diamond Knives.

Handles come in your choice of these exotic woods: Bocote on Diamond Knives or Bloodwood  on the Diamond Deluxe Knives. Thumb notches are ground at 60 degrees on both sides of the handle. This essential thumb notch will register your grip at a consistent angle whether you are right or left handed. The blade is secured to the handle with high grade epoxy and large solid nickel rivets. The hand-rubbed oil finish will feel wonderful as you carve.

Diamond Cutting Knives – Excellent for removing three-corner chips, gradual curves, straight lines and large chips. The geometry on this bold blade results in maximum depth with minimum effort.

Diamond Modified Knives – Less metal on the spine makes this knife excellent for chatter-free curved cuts, lettering and detail work. Chatter-free, smooth curves and even circle chips are possible with the Modified Knife.

Diamond Deluxe Knives – 5/16″ Mosaic pins are used to secure the smooth, dense Bloodwood handle to the blade making your Deluxe knives unique, intricate and truly beautiful. Extra time is taken when hand rubbing the finish on the handles with both oil and wax.

Note: Do not twist or pry with your Diamond Knife as this may cause the extra thin blade to break.

Diamond Deluxe Knives are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions5 × 1 × 0.5 in

Diamond Bocote Cutting Knife, Diamond Bocote Modified Knife, Diamond Bocote Two-Knife Set

17 reviews for Diamond Chip Carving Knives

  1. Michael Fox

    Thanks for the tip. Got my knives Monday. All I can say is Wow! The difference between the Diamond and the Gold is enormous. Love the grind and they cut like butter. I had been struggling last week but my carving looked bad. Doesn’t look bad now. I’ll send the Gold Knives back tomorrow.


    Michael D. Fox

  2. Jack Meyer

    Hi Marty,
    Received my Diamond knives today. What a pair of beauties! Love the weight and shape of the handle. I’ve used the regular bladed knife thus far and it slides through the ez board like butta. Thanks for such a great pair of knives, from my perspective the wait was well worth it.

    Jack Meyer

  3. marty

    Glad you love your Diamond Knives, Jack!

  4. Marcel Joanisse

    Hello Marty,

    I have received the new knives and have tried them out.

    They feel good in my hand, are easy to keep sharp with a bit of stropping once in a while.
    Good job Marty! Thank you.

  5. FMazur

    The diamond knife I got a few weeks ago is the best I’ve ever used. Cuts are clean and blade keeps its edge.

  6. Duayne Israelson

    Ohh boy, I got to carve with these beauts today. This has changed my expectations of how a knife should perform. I really like the extra length on the cutting knife. It fits so much better in my hand. And the diamond modified knife knife makes carving feel like a Gold Medal ice dance. Smooth… And they are so purdy!

  7. Jo Stueven

    When I first tried these knives, I wasn’t very happy with them. Don’t know if it was the wood or some physical problems with the hands that discouraged me. I picked up the modified knife working on a project because I needed to do a fine line cut and I fell in love with it; and found that the cutting knife was taking out large chips without any effort at all. Well worth the money!

  8. Gary Hupf

    I have been a woodworker for many years designing and building mostly furniture in oak and maple and I thought chip carving would be another creative outlet to fill my time in retirement. So, I am a relative newbie at chip carving. I started with the Platinum knives and enjoyed carving many small projects as I learned the craft. But, as my projects became bigger and more complex I started to reach a plateau and became frustrated with my inability to progress. While seriously contemplating giving it up Marty came out the with Platinum Knives. With my late dad’s words ringing in my ear (“a craftsman never blames his tools”) I ignored his advice and took the plunge. Granted, my expectations were low, but WOW! These knives were amazing right out to the box. I picked up a project I had set aside in frustration and these knives were popping chips beyond anything I had experienced. After owning them for four months I can say that without a doubt the Diamond knives have been a breakthrough for me. While I would still consider myself a beginner, I am at a point where chipping away on a project for 3 or 4 hours is very satisfying. These Diamond blades are much harder than the Platinum and I have had to learn so new sharpening habits. But, Marty has been super supportive and patient with me. I think I am getting there. I have yet to sharpen the modified knife, only strop it on occasion and it still leaves super clean cuts.

  9. Bob Turner

    Hi Marty,
    I received the long awaited Diamond Knives a few days ago and have finally had some time to use them over the holiday weekend. These knives are definitely worth waiting for!!! The blades are thin (the way we New Yonkers like our pizza) but certainly strong and the handles fill the hand very nicely to give a very secure feel. And when you looks at the knives they are GORGEOUS!!! I have now spent a day and a half cutting and sharpening is about the last thing on my mind – just a quick strop before starting a new project. The standard knife cuts like a breeze, straight lines and curves are crisp and easily controlled. The modified knife is just amazing for letters, numbers, tight curves and tight spaces.
    These knives will keep me happy for a very long time! Thanks for designing these beauties and for being there with the right equipment and advice when needed.

  10. Parman Green

    Marty, I thought the original set of knives purchased from you were great, but WOW, these new knives are fantastic. The handles on my original knives are a little shorter and really fit by hand size well, so I was a little hesitant to switch to my new knives. But when I did start using the new knives, I was so impressed with the ease of making cuts and the clean cuts I was able to obtain. These new knives have become my go to knives. Thanks for offering great products, I always have confidence in the products I purchase from you.

  11. Dade Grode

    I find that I spend almost 1/3 of my carving time devoted to stropping my knives. I have sever joint troubles in my hands that require that I have to have super sharp knives at all times. With these new Knives, my sharpining is almost unneeded! Once per projest at the start and I’m done. I do a lot of carving in the dreaded Pine and it still holds up!!!! Great hardness! Thanks Marty for the great grind and hardness!!

  12. marty

    This is very good news, Dade! So glad you are enjoying the edge holding sharpness with My Chip Carving Knives!

  13. Sharon Frye

    Have been getting great wood, awesome tutorials and videos and now the best knife ever. Everything from this sight is the highest quality. To top it off, he’s available for questions and advice. Has made a Hugh difference in my carving. Thanks

  14. Shereecox (verified owner)

    I purchased a set of diamond deluxe knives and they were a bit big for my hand. I gave them to my husband who loves the knives! I also joined the platinum club and have learned a great deal from the vast array of videos in understanding and learning everything there is to know about chip carving. I had been struggling with knives too big for me. Well, Marty has solved this problem too! I now have a set of diamond deluxe knives that fit my hand and allow me to hold my knives properly! He is a wonderful instructor, adds encouragement to each project, answers questions promptly, and helpful ideas to make projects better. I have purchased a few kits and basswood for projects. The basswood and kits are top quality. I cannot say enough good things! Thank you Marty!

  15. Rick Lavin (verified owner)

    I have have various chip carving knives over the years. None have held and edge better than Marty’s product . Marty stands by his product as well. None of my previous knives had the notch to help key the carver to hold the correct Angle and none have offered the modified knife that works better for tight curves . I’ve become a better carver. I highly recommend these knives!

  16. Rick Lavin (verified owner)

    I have have various chip carving knives over the years. None have held and edge better than Marty’s product . Marty stands by his product as well. None of my previous knives had the notch to help key the carver to hold the correct Angle and none have offered the modified knife that works better for tight curves . I’ve become a better carver.

  17. Mark Ebbert (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased and used several different chip carving knives over the last couple of years…even knives used by Tatiana, the wonderfully talented Russian chip carver. Marty’s knives are by far superior in quality of the blade and the unique thoughtfully designed knife handles. The Diamond and Ruby knives also come to you razor sharp and ready to use.

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