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Leopardwood chip carving knife
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My Chip Carving knives
My chip carving knives
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Diamond Chip Carving Knives


Diamond Chip Carving Knives

My Chip Carving Diamond Knives will revolutionize your chip carving! The cutting edge is extra thin and razor sharp. Made from M2 high-speed steel and hardened to Rc63, the full tang blade is 0.040″ on the spine and precision ground to a thin edge that will slice through your wood to remove chip after chip. These same precision blades are used on all Diamond Knives.

Handles come in your choice of these exotic woods: leopardwood,  bocote or wenge. Thumb notches are ground at 60 degrees on both sides of the handle. This essential thumb notch will register your grip at a consistent angle whether you are right or left handed. The blade is secured to the handle with high grade epoxy and large brass rivets. The hand-rubbed oil finish will feel wonderful as you carve.

Diamond Cutting Knives – Excellent for removing three-corner chips, gradual curves, straight lines and large chips.

Diamond Modified Knives – Less metal on the spine makes this knife excellent for chatter-free curved cuts, lettering and detail work.

Diamond Deluxe Knives – Mosaic pins are used to secure the rich wenge handle to the blade making your Deluxe knives unique and intricate. Extra time is taken when hand rubbing the finish on the handles with both oil and wax. Your Diamond Deluxe Knives may have different mosaic pins than the ones pictured.

Note: Do not twist or pry with your Diamond Knife as this may cause the extra thin blade to break.

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5 reviews for Diamond Chip Carving Knives

  1. Michael Fox
    5 out of 5

    Thanks for the tip. Got my knives Monday. All I can say is Wow! The difference between the Diamond and the Gold is enormous. Love the grind and they cut like butter. I had been struggling last week but my carving looked bad. Doesn’t look bad now. I’ll send the Gold Knives back tomorrow.


    Michael D. Fox

  2. Jack Meyer
    5 out of 5
    (verified owner)

    Hi Marty,
    Received my Diamond knives today. What a pair of beauties! Love the weight and shape of the handle. I’ve used the regular bladed knife thus far and it slides through the ez board like butta. Thanks for such a great pair of knives, from my perspective the wait was well worth it.

    Jack Meyer

  3. Marcel Joanisse
    5 out of 5
    (verified owner)

    Hello Marty,

    I have received the new knives and have tried them out.

    They feel good in my hand, are easy to keep sharp with a bit of stropping once in a while.
    Good job Marty! Thank you.

  4. FMazur
    5 out of 5

    The diamond knife I got a few weeks ago is the best I’ve ever used. Cuts are clean and blade keeps its edge.

  5. Duayne Israelson
    5 out of 5
    (verified owner)

    Ohh boy, I got to carve with these beauts today. This has changed my expectations of how a knife should perform. I really like the extra length on the cutting knife. It fits so much better in my hand. And the diamond modified knife knife makes carving feel like a Gold Medal ice dance. Smooth… And they are so purdy!

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