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Diamond Chip Carving Knives – Tigerwood Handle


Tigerwood Handle, Diamond Chip Carving Knife
Discount priced because they don’t have matching rivets!
When they’re gone, that’s it!
Buy the Set of Two Tigerwood Diamond Knives for Less than $40/knife!

My Chip Carving Diamond Knives will revolutionize your chip carving! The cutting edge is extra thin and razor sharp. Made from high grade steel and hardened to Rc60-61, the full tang blade is 0.040″ on the spine and precision ground to a thin edge that will slice through your wood to remove chip after chip. These same precision blades are used on all Diamond Knives.

Handles come in your choice of these exotic woods: Bocote on Diamond Knives or Bloodwood  on the Diamond Deluxe Knives. Thumb notches are ground at 60 degrees on both sides of the handle. This essential thumb notch will register your grip at a consistent angle whether you are right or left handed. The blade is secured to the handle with high grade epoxy and large solid nickel rivets. The hand-rubbed oil finish will feel wonderful as you carve.

Diamond Cutting Knives – Excellent for removing three-corner chips, gradual curves, straight lines and large chips. The geometry on this bold blade results in maximum depth with minimum effort.

Diamond Modified Knives – Less metal on the spine makes this knife excellent for chatter-free curved cuts, lettering and detail work. Chatter-free, smooth curves and even circle chips are possible with the Modified Knife.

Diamond Deluxe Knives – 5/16″ Mosaic pins are used to secure the smooth, dense Bloodwood handle to the blade making your Deluxe knives unique, intricate and truly beautiful. Extra time is taken when hand rubbing the finish on the handles with both oil and wax.

Note: Do not twist or pry with your Diamond Knife as this may cause the extra thin blade to break.

Diamond Deluxe Knives are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 0.5 in

Diamond Tigerwood Cutting Knife, Nickle Rivets, Diamond Tigerwood Modified Knife, Brass Rivets, Diamond Tigerwood Two-Knife Set, Mixed Rivets


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