Gold Membership


As a Gold Member you get access to over 12 lessons and patterns, FAQ documents and monthly E-letters. It’s a great way to get started with your chip carving. 

Platinum Membership Monthly

$6.99/first month, $15.99 thereafter. Save 30% with a yearly Platinum Membership. Auto-renewal. Cancel anytime.

 Save 30% when you sign up for a Yearly Platinum Membership!
As a Platinum Member you get everything in the Gold Membership along with full, unlimited access to well over 160 lessons and 160+ patterns along with a brand new lesson and pattern every month. Free knife sharpening is also included with your membership. This is an excellent way to really develop your skills as a chip carver! 



Here are just a few examples of projects that have been sent out to Project-A-Month Members. Members have the choice of projects in basswood or EZboard or a combination of both.

                Candy Jar                          Picture Frame                 Knife Box
candy jar dutchie chip carving pattern3cormirknife box chip carved

Platinum Project-A-Month Membership

$37.99/month. Auto-renewal. Cancel anytime.

Along with the Platinum Membership as detailed above, Platinum Project-A-Month Members receive a new project every month, with the pattern applied, automatically shipped in the mail, postage fees included! A variety of projects are selected including, trivets, cutting boards, 5×5 boxes, ornament boards, plates, etc. A video showing how to carve the Project-A-Month is included so you can open the package, start the video and begin carving! This membership is motivating and will help you become a better chip carver with each project.


           Owl Carving                   Candle Holder Plate                  Beaded Rim Plate
owl carved platechip carved candle holderchip carved plate

Certified Chip Carving Instructor Program

$495 one time tuition fee, Platinum Membership is included

The Certified Chip Carving Instructor Program (CCCI) will provide you with necessary teaching tools to teach others how to chip carve! Having the CCCI certification will give you the confidence and credibility to hold a class in your Community Education Program, the local Boy & Girl Scouts, 4H, Carving Roundups, church youth group, carving club and more. With this Certified Program you will gain the skills and confidence needed to provide quality instruction and generate supplemental income if you so desire. Also, your skills will improve a LOT when you start teaching others how to chip carve. It’s very true that the teacher often learns more than the student. CCCI will teach you how to teach and inspire others.


Students from across the US and in Canada have graduated from the CCCI Program. Here’s one graduate’s reply. “First of all thank you again for your CCCI classes. I am not only enjoying giving classes but my chip carving has improved. Next year I will be offering lettering classes, a class on carving a plate, and beginning classes. I will be expanding my area to more of California. I finished a class last month and we did the tea box. I am also thinking of having classes on border designs and other projects. Because of what I learned this year in my CCCI class I am looking forward to a great 2016.”