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Certified Chip Carving Instructor Program description & testimonials

  •  Program Description
    The Certified Chip Carving Instructor Program (CCCI) will provide you with necessary teaching tools to teach others how to chip carve! Having the CCCI certification will give you the confidence and credibility to hold a class in your Community Education Program, the local Boy & Girl Scouts, 4H, Carving Roundups, church youth group, carving club and more. With this Certified Program you will gain the skills and confidence needed to provide quality instruction and generate supplemental income if you so desire. Also, your skills will improve a LOT when you start teaching others how to chip carve. It’s very true that the teacher often learns more than the student. CCCI will teach you how to teach and inspire others.


  • Program Date(s) and Times
    CCCI is completely online providing you with 24/7/365 access to lessons and materials whenever and wherever you are located. Personalized face-to-face instruction may be available. 12 months are allowed to complete this program with extension plans available upon request. International students are welcome and encouraged to participate.


  • Instructor Contact Information and Qualifications
    Marty Leenhouts, info@mychipcarving.com, 507-340-4264 (CST) Professionally trained teacher with over 30 years of classroom teaching experience Owner of My Chip Carving and author of Chip Carving Essentials, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-63315-269-4 Has taught thousands to successfully chip carve Created hundreds of lessons and patterns that have millions of views.


  • Program Goals
    The CCCI Program will… *give you the confidence and credibility to teach a chip carving class. *help you develop your chip carving skills. *show you how to develop a class lesson plan. *provide you with useful and effective teaching methods. *assess your lesson preparation and presentation. *guide you in pattern development appropriate for a class setting.provide you with practical resources necessary for teaching. *offer personal assessment and practical suggestions to improve your chip carving ability. *provide you with resources, information and support during your teaching.


  • Learning Objectives to meet the Program Goals (subject to change and adjustments as the course is developed)
    1. Write and memorize your class introduction
    2. List class content in a lesson plan for a one-day class
    3. List class content in a lesson plan for a two-day class
    4. Learn how to teach proper chip carving technique and identify and correct common technique problems.
    5. Learn how to teach various chip carving patterns and identify and correct common technique problems. (3-corner, gothic leaf, straight lines, 4-sided, circles, free form and more)
    6. Be aware of frequently asked questions and know how to address and answer these questions.
    7. Explain proper order of cuts on various patterns Learn effective teaching methods to help you be a successful teacher.
    8. Describe and demonstrate the sharpening process using the Sharpening Kit
    9. Apply a pattern using the Pattern Transfer Tool and identify common problems experienced when using the Pattern Transfer Tool.
    10. Demonstrate how to prepare the surface of the wood prior to applying a finish
    11. Explain the Quick & Easy Finishing process
    12. Submit a completed lesson practice board for evaluation
    13. Complete one finished project and submit pictures for evaluation
    14. Develop one practice board/project pattern (optional)
    15. Write a business plan (optional)


  • Program Completion Requirements and Benefits
    Successfully complete all required lessons and assignments. Upon completion each student will receive a signed certificate verifying completion of the Certified Chip Carving Instructor Program along CCCI gear available only to CCCI graduates. CCCI graduates will also receive complimentary promotion of upcoming classes to help boost attendance.


  • Requirement(s) for Text and or Other Materials
    Platinum Membership Chip Carving Essentials by Marty Leenhouts, 2014 My Chip Carving Knife Set Sharpening Kit Pattern Transfer Tool Minimum 2 – 3/8 x 5 x 12 basswood practice boards One basswood project of your choice


  • Technology Requirements
    Internet access Laser printer or access to photocopy machine to produce toner-based patterns
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee- After completing this program, if you have not become a better chip carver and a confident instructor ready to teach your first class, I will provide you with the instruction needed or a full tuition refund.

Hi – I am Todd.  I just completed the CCCI program and have to say it was excellent.  I was new to Chip Carving and wanted to learn as well as learn how to teach Chip Carving to others.  This is an excellent program that teaches you how to teach others while learning and improving your skills at the same time.  CHECK IT OUT.  You will not be disappointed.  One tip for all the other newbees – PRACTICE.  10 minutes a day makes a difference.


I have really enjoyed CCCI and feel that I can now help others learn chip carving with more confidence. I have learned the logical progressions of teaching chip carving which I have used in 5 people I have been teaching so far. I have had my eyes opened about EZboard and see the value of it to some people. Need to learn a little more about it and the painting and finishing as I have 2 students that use it. I am a work in progress with this but never thought I would be helping others. Thank you for teaching me. 


Thanks, Marty for a great set of classes and assignments. I have learned so much on improving my own carving and how to
pass it along to others in teaching. The flow of assignments and information was good allowing good progression of skills
needed to make progress. Only comment is the assignments around the final project may need some clarification and
streamlining. I got bogged down in design and carving and then waited to learn about finishing (in the course, but I had
already seen it and I was trying to finish a project and a wedding gift).
The lessons helped me grow as a carver and will give me the confidence to teach others. Thanks Again.


I haven’t written you in awhile to give you updates. First of all thank you again for your CCCI classes. I am not only enjoying giving classes but my chip carving has improved. Next year I will be offering lettering classes, a class on carving a plate, and beginning classes. I will be expanding my area to more of California. I finished a class last month and we did the tea box. I am also thinking of having classes on border designs and other projects.

Because of what I learned this year in my CCCI class I am looking forward to a great 2016.