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Want to be a BETTER Chip Carver?

Good! Grab a copy of my FREE
4 Keys to Successful Chip Carving
and watch your results improve dramatically!


“Love the videos! Am learning things I didn’t know! Your knives are great! Thank you!”

Sheree Cox

“Thanks for all the great learning helps on your web site. I got started on chip carving by down loading step by step instruction from National Woodcarving School, Inc, Canada. Your videos are much better.”


“My husband and I both chip carve, and enjoy it as a hobby, as well as for making gifts for family and friends. Keep up the good work with your newsletters, and with your great ideas.”

Geri S.

Just wanted to say what a great job you’re doing in the name of chip carving. Your efforts have brought chip carving to the beginner and those interested in taking up this rare and beautiful old method of wood carving for the first time. Not to mention adding to the skill of experienced chip carver.

Always in the chip

Barry McKenzie

“In my capacity as an Extension Service agent, I’ve been really interested in creating distance education modules since many people just can’t come to a traditional face to face kind of class. So from that perspective, as well as a student, I admire your videos greatly – they are very clear and thorough, and the pace is excellent. Great job!”


“I have been saving all the lessons you post on the website and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you sharing you skills and talent freely with us.”


Hi Marty, I received your new Diamond Deluxe carving knives. I absolutely love them. I own your original platinum knives which are very good but the new knives are much more superior. Thank you for your customer service and education services. The practice boards I order are outstanding and for my first time I ordered EZboard….great. No wood grain, now I know why you call it EZboard. Customer for life. Now enrolling in the online school. Keep up the good work.

Bob K.

“Got the modified knife and ordered the regular knife and got it. Almost automatic chip carving! Wow how the right tool makes all the difference. I also got some basswood from you and it made a difference as well. The wood I was using was some basswood that I bought at a lumber supplier. I think it was for cabinets or something. Not good. Anyway it seems I always have to learn the hard way. I would say to anyone wanting to learn how to chip carve get good knives (yours) good wood and good teaching (Yours too). Thanks for all you do.”

Don Thomas

I took your Letters and Numbers course. In all the years I have been doing chip carving the few times I ever did them it was a disaster and I swore I would never do anything with them in it. I figured one more try when I saw your webinar and course. It was the most amazing experience I have had since starting with chip carving. I took my time, followed your guidance, and even watched a couple of the videos a few times. I have never produced results like this ever. I cannot even explain how much I improved. And not only with letters and numbers. The project I am working on now (napkin holder) is the best work I have ever done to date.

That one course has opened my eyes to things I already knew about grain and delicate areas, but it did not come alive for me until I did that course. It may not do the same for others, but it was an epiphany for me. I am by no way a master carver, but I have the best technique to grow even further than before.

David B.

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