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  • in reply to: Have you been to Carv-Fest before? #100017955
    Randall Hermanson

    Marty”  maybe i wanted to go to Carve Fest. i was just out of rehab so i may not have planned for it. i also didn’t have a car early in the year then the lockdowns happened when everything was cancelled. will there be a Carve Fest in 2023? if so i can plan on driving to Mn. i would probably camp and will have the dog. she has a [place to stay while i am gone but she ids my companion and she has good manners unless she sees a rabbit.


    in reply to: What do you think? #100016659
    Randall Hermanson

    based on the teaching at the beginning of this post i say this is over carved and too busy. it has no positive spaces. what i like about this carving is the use of shadows that make this design interesting. also the designs change to form patterns. at first glance i see several rosettes, then i see four diamonds. the more i look at it i see even more patterns. this change in shapes and patterns using shadows makes this carving interesting.

    in reply to: Need Advice #100012196
    Randall Hermanson

    i can’t give good advice on chip out. i struggle with it myself. following your recent video on technique has helped a lot. i remember the instruction i had during the late 80s or early 90s is to cut in the center first. that is most of the time but there are circumstances to make this not always the case. if one cut follows close along the grain i make a stop cut first.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)