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What do you think?

Home Forums Carving thoughts, questions & feedback! What do you think?

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    Marty Leenhouts

    What do you think about this carving when considering the 3 tips I shared about “What chips do I remove?”

    1. Don’t over carve the pattern
    2. Vary the size of chips removed
    3. Create interesting shadows

    Your thoughts and feedback?


    Jim Johnson

    Overall, I like it – Certainly different-sized chips removed, and that as well as the lighting create very interesting shadows.

    It could be considered over carved, but my eye is drawn to the center of the carving because of the pattern and the radiating lines coming from each corner.

    So, it meets point 2 & 3 – but perhaps no special positive space to draw the viewers attention.

    Jim Johnson

    Randall Hermanson

    based on the teaching at the beginning of this post i say this is over carved and too busy. it has no positive spaces. what i like about this carving is the use of shadows that make this design interesting. also the designs change to form patterns. at first glance i see several rosettes, then i see four diamonds. the more i look at it i see even more patterns. this change in shapes and patterns using shadows makes this carving interesting.

    Dennis Wilson

    This is a very attractive, interesting  coaster. The size of the chips are varied, but it looks as if a skew knife was used regularly on the sides of the cuts. This suggests to me positive space since it makes one side of the cut look more positive and one side look more negative. Interesting visual effects are created, and they draw my eye nicely into the carving.


    Dennis Wilson

    Marty Leenhouts

    Thanks all for your thoughts. I can understand all of your comments and how they apply to this carving.

    I’ll share a bit more on this design in the upcoming email. Stay tuned!

    Jon Gledhill

    I’m new to the group, and would love to carve this Patten. Is it available in tje pattern archive?

    Marty Leenhouts

    Hi Jon, Welcome to MyChipCarving!

    This pattern is definitely a winner. It is a multi-level carving and takes some practice to successfully carve.

    The pattern is simply a square divided into 8 sections. Watch this Platinum Member webinar replay to see how it’s carved.

    Webinar: Carve a NEW border not found in the Borders Course

    I’ll be available to help if you have any questions.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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