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The "Olive and Cocoa" box pictures

Home Forums My Carvings! The "Olive and Cocoa" box pictures

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    Ted Johnson

    Thought I would add a bit more information about the pictures of the “Olive and Cocoa” box that Marty so kindly posted in the last newsletter.

    The company is unique in that some of it’s gifts (in this case a stuffed dog with blanket purchased for my two and a half year old granddaughter) are in wooden boxes.  I had it shipped to me so that I could personalize it for her.  As the pictures show, it certainly was not made from basswood!  Forgot how challenging carving with such heavy grain can be but the knives Marty makes performed well.  Also, the ribbon shown on the top is stapled on, so that did create a bit of an issue.

    Still did some decorative carving and was gratified when Zayna could actually recognize the objects.  One picture I did not include was of various types of mushrooms – seems that even at this young age she has become quite the mushroom hunter.

    Happy Carving!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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