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Soap Dispenser, Rosettes Pattern

Home Forums Carving thoughts, questions & feedback! Soap Dispenser, Rosettes Pattern

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    William D. Womack

    I’ve been away from the carving knife for some time now, but I have noticed something about this Soap Dispenser Rosettes patterns. When I first looked at them they looked fairly easy. But after I got them and started looking at them, with my knife in hand, I noticed they looked awful small to me. I used to pride myself in being able to do pretty delicate work.  But I haven’t done this delicate in a long time.

    I had the presences of mind to order two Dispensers just in case I screwed one up. Gives me one to practice on. But I have to say these are tough. I had to call Marty to ask about how they are carved and he sent me to the pattern videos and he made it look real easy. When I went back and looked the patters were much large than on the actual boxes.

    Here is my take and warning: they are not for the faint of heart in complexity for the sake of intricacy. They are doable but fine work.  My precautions did not keep me from not making them as good as I would like and I’ll have to come  back after I’ve gotten my hand back into better shape and do them again. About fifty percent larger patterns would make them much easier. They are very nice patterns and are a great challenge in detail.

    Marty Leenhouts

    I appreciate your thoughts and feedback, Bill. I’m confident that you’ll surprise yourself with a good result when carving your soap dispensers.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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