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Oven Rack Helpers

Home Forums My Carvings! Oven Rack Helpers

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    John Giem

    Online I saw a funny looking thing used to push and pull hot oven racks  making things easier for the cook. I proceeded to make several and did some carving on the handles. The first set I used power carving techniques. The wood was reclaimed oak. The second set was mystery wood heavily spalted with many cracks. I experimented with chip carving using variations on the same basic pattern. I inlayed magnets in the heads so that they could be stored on a near metal surface if desired.  All of the oven helpers were finished with Tung oil then buffed and waxed.

    Some of our chip carvers may want to make some to use in their kitchen or as gifts.


    These are the ones that used chip carving.

    The helpers on the left were cut from the block of mystery wood and were chip carved. The centers of some of them were textured as was demonstrated in one of your recent webinars.  The ones on the right were cut from an oak block and were power carved with rotary burrs. I think each method has its virtues but I think I prefer chip carving in the softer woods.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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