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My First Wood Carvers' Show

Home Forums My Carvings! My First Wood Carvers' Show

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    I recently finished two boxes with chip carved lids.  The walnut box was inspired by a Hummingbird greeting card by M. W. James of Nanaimo, British Columbia.  I was drawn by the bright colors and the overall design.  It was a multi media design from paint and air brush technique.  The second box was of a heron, inspired by Richard Shorty, of the Northern Tuchone Nation, Yukon.  I was encouraged by Chuck Collins, President of the Orange County Woodcarvers Association to enter both boxes as  a novice.  I was delighted when both boxes placed second in the show.  I had had one class by California Chip Carving teacher, Ed Heskett.  Ed had taken advanced classes from Marty and as result, I joined the Platinum group.  Best decision ever.

    I am currently working on a third piece, a plate with the image of a horse in the style of the Pacific Northwest First Nation style.  I am so grateful that I was able to watch Marty’s video on free form carving on my laptop while I began carving the horse.  I am really excited about this one.  My plan is to present it to the owner of the Black Cowboy museum just outside Houston, Texas next month.  The day my friends, my husband and I arrive, Mr. Larry Callies, who agreed to give us a tour of his museum even though it was his Birthday!  I hope my horse comes out well.  I will post a picture of Mr. Callies with the plate if he looks really happy.


    Marty Leenhouts

    Hello Devon,

    I’m so glad you posted your recent work and congratulations on your ribbons! It’s so nice to know you are applying the skills Ed taught you and are continuing to move forward and learn using the Platinum Member materials. That pleases me very much.

    All of us will look forward to your next post with the horse you are carving.

    Marty Leenhouts

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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