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My first Chip Carving

Home Forums My Carvings! My first Chip Carving

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    I recently took a chip carving class at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware from Ed Heskett, a certified My Chip Carving Instructor.  What a great class!  The two day class allowed me to make this sign for my 97 (soon to be 98) year old father who we affectionately call Pops!  We hung it right by his light switch so he’d see it every day.

    Pops taught  my brother and me to make what we wanted out of wood, leather, rope, or canvas, instead of buying something.  What a childhood!  I paddled all around Balboa Bay on the mahogany paddle board we made in the garage.  My brother and all of the beach ruffians played in the surf in Newport Beach on the huge Caterpillar inner tube platform we made by lashing a 3/4 inch X 48″ disk to the bottom of the inner tube.  When the disk was on top, it was a great diving platform.  Flip it over and five kids could ride the big waves to the shore.  Pops taught us how to be Makers before the Maker Movement had a  Name!

    Pops always asks me if I have enough tools.  I always tell him I have all the tools I need.  This saves me the awkward moment when he tries to press $20 into my hand so I can go buy what I need.  I adore Pops.





    very nice carving and happy… many more…

    Neil McGuire

    Great story.

    Michael Disher

    Very nice and welcome to the hobby. Can’t wait to see the next!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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