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Mangle boards

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    Arnie shared the following link with me – https://www.country-gallery.com/mangles.html

    You don’t have to be Dutch, like me and Arnie, to enjoy these chip carved mangle boards.

    Mangle Boards Mangels or mangleboards, also known as smoothing boards were used as courtship or betrothal gifts. Those are the ones shown on these pages, but larger heavier undecorated ones were used to iron linen. They are at least twice as large, undecorated and unpainted and made of oak or beech for increased weight. Each one had its own thick round dowel about 3″ thick and perhaps 18-24″ long. You would wrap your damp linen around the large diameter dowel then roll the whole assembly with your mangel providing a really good workout. It works very well!

    Be inspired!!

    these pictures from Google search… “mangle board”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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