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I’m william

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    William D. Womack

    I’ve been Around here almost as long as Marty. Haven’t learned everything he’s got to teach but seen most of it more than once . Maybe I’m a sloe learner. But he said he could teach anybody to chip carve and he taught me, so I guess he’s right.


    AT one time, a couple years ago, he had me made into a pretty good chip carver but things happened and I was forced out of it for a coupe years and have to start all over again nearly . I  still know what it is I want to do, but my hands seem to have forgotten how to get there.

    In the last few years I’ve turned on  couple of people Chip Carving and Marty. From that I found that most don’t have much for patience. They want to jump in and get it all with the first cut. I started with three corner chip and had trouble getting them to pop out on the third cut. Scratched my head time they didn’t  till after a couple days I realized  the point of my knife wasn’t ending up quite where I thought it was . I was easing  up just a little too soon. Then they jumped out like rabbits out of a hole. Just had to pay a little more attention and not expect more than  I was putting in. My friend has gone to practicing about a day a month and can’t figure out why he can’t get it. I now if I could just sit in front of him for five minutes I could show him and he’d never forget .


    That brings me to my reason to be here today. If you are just learning how to carve anything for the first time try to find a carver of any kind to work in front of to watch what you do  He will probably spot what is wrong in a minute. Once belonged to a carvers club with not one chip carve in the bunch  and learned all kinds of thing that helped my chip carving  a lot. In any carving the most important thing is where to start the blade and where to end it. Each cut, one at a time.  You can see that watching another carver. I’m trying to find another carving club right now in my area with no luck I’m in Chatham Virvinia.

    Marty Leenhouts

    Thanks for sharing, Bill!

    Also, I’m available to help you as best I can.

    A Zoom meeting allows me to see what you’re doing and offer some guidance.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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