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Help for sore hand

Home Forums Be Inspired! Help for sore hand

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    Larry Simcox

    After a prolonged lay off from carving I used these steps to re-engage and minimize the chronic pain in my carving hand.

    1. Realized the particular hand muscles involved in chip carving needed to be eased back into duty.

    2. I customized the small, narrow size of the knife by enlarging it with your pliable bead substance.
    3. Asked God for healing.
    4. Moderately did three hand stretching exercises daily to strengthen the hand.

    5. Had my chiropractor massage the thumb and pad to break up the “congestion” (as he termed it).
    6. Limited my carving for first weeks and  took breaks after a half hour of carving.
    7. I only use EZ boards.

    Grateful to Marty and his frequent help  – Larry Simcox

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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