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    David Bass

    Greetings, my name is David. I finished the Certified Chip Carving Instructor program back in the summer. I mainly did it for my own edification, but my wife works with the Cub Scouts,  Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts because our grand kids are involved. So, I thought it would be helpful when they got into whittling and carving.

    I have been at this for sometime. I got involved with Marty when he put out his first video series and have stuck with until this day. Sorry Marty, I guess your stuck with me a while longer, LOL!

    When I started I was looking for a hobby I could do that did not take a standing or bending. Being a disable veteran gives me very few options due to my disability. Our local library had wood carvers come in and demo what they have made and some techniques. I thought that would be cool, but some of it was very overwhelming. I searched the web and came across Wayne Barton. From that point I knew I wanted to chip carve. So I found me some books and a set of Wayne Barton’s knives. Actually Wayne is really nice guy. He always answered questions when I had them, but he was a very busy person so I had to wait for my answer.

    I found Marty’s video series which open a whole new world to me. I started asking questions of Marty and was getting responses really quick. I did apologize a few times saying I must be a real pest to you. He assured me I wasn’t. From that point forward Marty was my go to guy and over the years he has made this hobby enjoyable and has encouraged me along the way when I was bummed when my carving did not look like his…I am guessing a lot of us know that feeling LOL!

    Anyway, here I am still carving and still enjoying it!


    Neil McGuire

    I agree with you David, Marty is a terrific resource.
    I haven’t taken the CCCI course yet, but it is on my todo list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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