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Deliberate practice module 3

Home Forums Courses: Discussion and Feedback Deliberate practice module 3

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    Neil McGuire

    So I was intrigued by the deliberate practice idea and tried it. I must admit that I skipped modules 2 and 2b, but I am starting #2 today.

    With the exception of day 2, I made 4 mistakes each day. So I ask, did I make any progress? I am not convinced I did, but I would appreciate any feedback.

    I have added 2 photos of the board: 1 of the total work and the other is a closeup. I was pleased with the results of the carving. The chips are clean and smooth. The closeup did show some very small cleanup that I didn’t notice as I went along.

    I also included my notes/summary.

    Again, feedback is encouraged as this is supposed to be a learning experience.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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