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Candle Holder with Challenge

Home Forums My Carvings! Candle Holder with Challenge

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    Andrei Gotia

    This plate was inspired from W. Barton’s latest book, The Joy of Chip Carving. The author suggested that the rings (see first pic, where Marty indicated them with red arrows) be carved last, after the ridges. I found it very difficult to follow that suggestion, after trying it, as I would have carved into the ridges and ruined the whole thing. Below is Marty’s answer to the problem (with second pic showing the directions).

    “To avoid carving into the inner chips already removed would require making the inside cut in four separate cuts all with the grain.
    The quadrant changes grain direction in each quadrant.
    Like this…inside cut and outside cut direction shown for each quadrant.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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