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Reply To: Letters & Pattern Swiss Pine Wood

Home Forums My Carvings! Letters & Pattern Swiss Pine Wood Reply To: Letters & Pattern Swiss Pine Wood

Marty Leenhouts

Norbert, Yes, Klotzli! It all comes back to me now. Posting your picture is just fine.

I have a Chip Carving book by Christian Rubi on my shelf :-).

And…I’ll mention this for the first time right here. Many of the patterns in Christian Rubi’s book, published in 1959, are the same patterns found in books published by a popular US chip carver. The reason I mention this is to show that these patterns and others have been passed down from generations. I’m sure Christian saw them on old pieces that were chip carved before him. When we talk about “giving credit” to someone for their pattern, it may not be their pattern at all. If I get an idea for a pattern, I’ll mention it to show where the inspiration came from. But claiming a pattern as “mine” is not realistic, humble, or legal. Anyone is free to use anyone else’s pattern to carve whatever they like. Patterns cannot be copyrighted for personal use. Copyright only applies to resale.  Your comments are welcome.