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Chip Carving Essentials Course

Here’s what’s included in this Course:

  • 11 lessons where I help you build a solid foundation for your chip carving
  • All patterns are included so your practice follows exactly with my instruction
  • Ill teach you how to apply a pattern quickly, easily and accurately
  • You’ll learn how to sharpen your knife Scary Sharp!
  • I’ll demonstrate and explain and then you practice proper technique to remove 2-sided chips, in 4 styles
  • I’ll demonstrate and explain and then you practice proper technique to remove 3-corner chips, in 3 styles
  • Each lesson is filled with step-by-step instruction where I instruct you when to pause the lesson and what to do
  • I’ll instruct you how to self-evaluate your work so you can see what needs improving and when you’re making progress
  • I’ll point out things for you to watch out for so you’ll find success as quickly as possible

Deliberate Practice!

Practice that works!

Here’s what’s included in this Course:

  • Structured practice program that can be applied to all areas of chip carving
  • One practice pattern for each module that you can use over and over again
  • 5 practice modules including videos with clear instructions
  • You will learn how to deliberately practice so you can improve your skills
  • You will learn the 3 components of deliberate practice 
  • Your chip carving will improve if you Deliberately Practice!

How to Chip Carve Letters & Numbers

             Everything from A to Z!

Testimonial about this Course…

“I just finished up the Letters and Numbers course.

I have been chip carving for a handful of years now and have never been comfortable with letters or numbers. The few times I did try I swore I would never do a project that required them.

My story has now changed. I really do look forward to using them in projects. The techniques are easy to understand and follow and my confidence has gone from 1 to 100 after finishing it.

Marty I could not be more pleased with the course and feel I have truly grown with technique, my quality, and my confidence. I am now ready to take on other fonts to explore the possibilities.

Thanks Marty!”

Here’s what’s included in this Course:

  • 14 step-by-step lessons (I’ve created over 4.5 hours of instruction for you!)
  • All patterns are included for every lesson
  • I instruct you how to carve every upper and lower case letter in the alphabet in 3 different fonts!
  • There are lessons on carving numbers 1-10 for these 3 fonts
  • There’s how-to lessons on carving the unique Coca Cola, Old English & Broadway fonts
  • Also, there are Instructions on carving one font, three ways! (mostly true…you’ll find out in the final lesson)
  • I focus on the challenging areas of each letter and provide you with tips, techniques and the order of cuts to follow so you’ll avoid chip out and carve smooth, crisp letters and numbers

Rosette Carving Course

Rosette Carving Course

Border Carving Course

Border Carving Course

Learn how to chip carve 19 different borders! 3-corner positive/negative image, rope, diamond,lace, Gothic, star, cross, old world style and more along with 3 plate borders. 

Finishing Course

Several Methods to Apply a Fantastic Finish to Your Carving

Finishing Course

Learn the steps to take in order to get a fantastic finish on your chip carved projects
Everything from a simple clear finish, using sanding sealers, how to use gel stains, antiquing finishes and applying toners.


Chip Out Course: How to Avoid Chip Out!

9 Lessons: Learn HOW to PREVENT Chip Out!

What causes Chip Out?
How to Prevent it?
No Chip Out on borders, rosettes, grids, letters and numbers and MORE!
What to do when Chip Out happens.
This Course will help you ENJOY Chip Carving and avoid frustration and stress.
Available 24/7/365
Patterns included, Course Boards with Patterns applies are available in the Store


Positive / Negative Image Chip Carving!

20 Lessons: Chip Carving Positive and Negative Image Patterns!

Borders, Rosettes and Grid patterns
Learn technique to carve both positive and negative patterns
Available 24/7/365
Patterns included, Course Boards with Patterns applies are available in the Store