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You will find more wood carving equipment and supplies, like custom chip carving knives, ceramic sharpening stones, and many 
items to carve or paint on other pages in The Chip Carving Store!

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MOST orders in the U.S. ship for only $8.95.

SOME orders, depending on the quantity and weight of the items ordered (primarily basswood items), may require additional shipping costs.
Email with any questions about the cost to ship your order.

International Shipping:
I'll gladly ship to your location outside the U.S. Please contact me for international shipping rates.

A Carving Gift Certificate to the Chip Carving Store is a perfect gift!

  NEW - Rapid Resizer
Description: Easily and quickly enlarge your patterns with the Rapid Resizer.
I've tried this and it works great!! I took an 8" x 6" chip carving pattern and in one minute had it cropped and made it into a 36" x 24" pattern printed as a mirror image on 8 pages. Fantastic! The Rapid Resizer saved me a lot of time!
There is a 14-day free trial. Click HERE to learn more!

Sample of a 9-page color enlargement

Sample of a 4-page enlargement
  Click HERE

  Layout Kit
Description: Here's what you'll get in your Layout Kit -
12" T-square, 6" Flexible Ruler, Lettering Guide, Bow Compass, 4-piece French Curve Set, General Purpose Template, 20-sheet Graphite Paper Pad, P205-A Mechanical Pencil, Lead Refill Tube, Ink Eraser Pencil, Staedtler Eraser, Tombow Ink Eraser
Total Value - $54.70
Save $10! ONLY $44.70

chip carving layout kit

  NEW - Line and Lettering Guide Currently unavailable
Description: A uniquely designed instrument combining a rotating disk with an indexed rim for adjusting line width, letter height or establishing cross-hatch marks. Inch and metric line spacing. Size: 3-7/8" x 2-3/8". 
Speed up your layout with more time for carving! 

$3.45 && 


  Celtic Knot Font!
Description: Celtic knots and designs are perfect for chip carving. The problem has been that they are very, very hard to draw and design. That was until NOW!
After installing the Celtic Knot Font on your computer, all you have to do is type and instantly create Celtic Knots like those shown here! It's really easy and it is PC and Mac compatible and can be used in ANY program that has a font menu: Word, Photoshop, Corel Draw, WordPad, Excel, and hundreds more!
CLICK HERE for more information and to order yours!

celtic knot 1

 celtic knot font
celtic knot fontceltic knot font round

  Pattern Transfer Tool
Description: This Pattern Transfer Tool is a quick and easy way to transfer your pattern onto the object you want to chip carve, scroll saw, paint, whatever!
Works on photocopier and laser printer images .
(NOT with ink jet printers)
Watch the video (below) to see how it works! 
 A real time saver!
This transfer tool gets much hotter than an iron and is designed for this job!
Pattern Transfer Tool $19.95

 Point To Point Spacer Tool
Description: This amazing and accurate measuring tool dramatically cuts the time it takes to layout your pattern on the surface to be carved. It can be "flexed" for marking equa-distant points on a circle, ellipse, or french curve and can be used to mark equally-spaced points on a straight line for borders and edges. A real time saver.
Point To Point Spacer Tool $19.95

 Instant Center Finder
Description: This handy tool will quickly and easily find the center of any round object such as a plate up to 14" in diameter. Simply place the two "ears" of the center finder against the side of the plate and draw a short line near the middle of the plate. Next rotate the plate 90 degrees and draw another line that intersects the first line. The point of intersection is dead center on the plate. Choose either Left Hand or Right Hand if you are left-handed or right-handed.
Instant Center Finder - right handed $19.95
Instant Center Finder - left handed $19.95

  Flat Lying Trammel Set - Tri-Scribe & Tri-Blade together!strong>
Description: The Tri-Scribe is a marking gauge, compass, dividers, mortise gauge, and general all-around great layout tool. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to see how you can use the Tri-Scribe for FAST layout with your chip carving borders and designs. (Tri-Scribe will hold a regular size pencil or 7mm diameter or less mechanical pencil)
The Tri-Blade is used to cut circles, veneers and when scribing accurate lines. Includes hyper-fine disposable blades that ensure a perfect cut every time.

"There are precious few new hand tools that really deserve a place amongst the old guard in the toolbox but the Tri Scribe earned their stripes."
The Woodworker Magazine - United Kingdom

The Flat Lying Trammel Set includes everything pictured to the right! (with the exception of the metal rule and square)

tri-scribe layout tool
triscribe compass
tri scribe marking guage
triblade tool
tri-blade cutting
tri-blade compass

  T-Square, 12" or 18"
Description: A t-square is a must have when it comes to laying out patterns for all your chip carving designs. Calibrated in inches on one side (16ths) and metrics on the other (mm). Made from plastic your t-square will fit nicely inside your Carver's Tool Bag.
T-Square, 12"$2.25
T-Square 18" $4.95
t-square 12 inch
(click on image to enlarge)

  Flexible Ruler, 12", 30cm or 6", 15cm
Description: This Flexible Ruler include scales in inches and millimeters. Bend this ruler around your plate, basswood egg, bowl or other round object for quick and easy layout and measuring. 
Flexible Ruler 12", 30cm$1.50
Flexible Ruler 6", 15cm $0.75
flexible ruler
(click on image to enlarge)
flexible ruler basswood egg
(click on image to enlarge)
flexible ruler plate basswood chip carving
(click on image to enlarge)

  Flexible Curves, 12"/30cm, 16"/40cm, 20"/50cm
Description: Use a flexible curve to layout irregular curves on any chip carving project. The scale can be used to divide the curve into equal segments.
Flexible Curve, 20"/50cm$12.95
Flexible Curve, 12"/30cm$8.95
tc-384 flexible curve c-thru

Description: Often, a template is easier and faster to use than a compass especially when it comes to drawing small circles. Also, the general purpose template has triangular shapes for carving 3-corner chips! What a time saver!!
A. General Purpose Template$5.75
B. Small & Large Circles Template
(1/16 to 1-7/8")
C. Jumbo Circles Template (1-1/4 to 3-1/2") $6.75
D. Ellipse Template (Contains: twenty-seven ellipses. Size range: 1/8" to 2". Size: 61/8" x 10" x .030")  $7.95 
E. Large Ellipse Template (Axes from 1½" to 2" in increments of 1⁄8" and from 2" to 7" in increments of ¼". Size: 6" x 97⁄8" x .030")  $12.50 
A .T-816   B.   T-831
C. T-826
D. ellipse template
 large ellipse template
(click on image to enlarge)

  French Curve Set
Description: 4 French curve set that will handle any irregular curve you will need to draw for your chip carving patterns. With plastic case.
French Curve Set, 4 curves, 5-1/4, 6-1/4, 10-1/4, 10-1/2" with inking edge$9.95
fc44 french curve set
(click on image to enlarge)

  Graphite Transfer Paper
Description: Graphite transfer paper is waxless, greaseless, smudge proof, and is erasable on wood surfaces. Tap your pattern down, slide a piece of graphite transfer paper between the pattern and wood, and trace over your pattern to transfer it to the wood. It's fast, easy, reusable, and cleans up nicely.  Two sizes to choose from.
Graphite Transfer Paper, 9x13 pad, 20 sheets. ($0.58 sq.ft.)$9.50
Graphite Transfer Paper, 18x24, 2 sheets.
($0.64 sq.ft.)
graphite transfer paper
(click on image to enlarge)

  Pattern Design Pad, 4x4 grid     
Description: 20# basis, reasonably priced, acid-free, versatile layout bond, printed with a non-reproducible blue grid on one side with 4x4 squares per inch. Smooth opaque surface, suitable for pencil or ink with good erasing qualities. Laser, copier, and inkjet compatible. Excellent for your chip carving patterns and designs.
Available in 50-sheet pads.
8-1/2 x 11, 50-sheet pad (1432-1)$8.95
11 x 17, 50-sheet pad (1432-6)
chip carving pattern pad


  Mechanical Drafting Pencil, 0.5mm, Pentel Sharp, black      
Description: Quality mechanical pencil for consistent pattern layout. Push button instant point, knurled finger grip, and 4mm stainless steel sleeve for template tracing. Refillable lead and replaceable eraser.
P205-A, Pentel Mechanical Pencil, black$6.30
C505-B, Lead refill tube, 12 leads/tube, B (soft lead for chip carving layout)
chip carving pencil lead
chip carving mechanical pencil


Eraser Super Set!       SAVE 10%
Description: One Faber-Castell Ink Eraser Pencil, one Tombow Mono Ink Eraser, one Mercur Prism Eraser, and one Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser. With this set you'll be able to carefully and precisely eraser graphite transfer paper lines and pencil lines from your finished chip carving. See the descriptions below for more details on each item.
Eraser Super Set $8.35


  Pencil Erasers
Description: Easily remove pencil layout lines from your carving with these erasers. I use both styles all the time.
A. Mercur Prism Eraser, 3-1/2" long$2.00
B. Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser  $2.00 

A. chip carving eraser
B. 52-650 eraser staedtler

  Tombow Ink Eraser
Description: Imported from Japan, Tombow Ink Erasers contain a lot more grit than your normal office supply ink eraser. The shape of this eraser is nice for removing graphite transfer paper lines from your finished carving. Use gently and you won't damage your carving.
Tombow Ink Eraser, 65mm x 16mm x 7mm$2.50
tombow ink eraser

  Faber-Castell Ink Eraser Pencil
Description: This is my personal favorite for removing those hard to get at graphite transfer paper lines. Sharpen the ink eraser to a point and precisely erase with this Faber-Castell Ink Eraser Pencil. The brush on the end is handy for getting rid of eraser dust and small chips.
Faber Castell Ink Eraser Pencil with Brush$2.75

ink eraser pencil

  #701SAlvin 6" Speed Bow Compass with Adapter
Description: Choose this compass if you’d like to have the flexibility to use your mechanical pencil, pen, marker, or cutting blade in the compass along with the standard lead holder.
  • Quality construction including a double break leg design and equipped with a universal attachment to hold technical pens, lead holders, ballpoint pens, cutting knives and fine line markers
  • Comes with screwdriver and parts for tension adjustment
  •  For circles 1/8" to 13" in diameter
Alvin 6" Speed Bow Compass with Adapter$28.95
2mm compass lead tube, 3 leads/tube, HB grade
compass lead
Alvin 6" Speed Bow Compass with Adapter
(click on image to enlarge)
Alvin 6" Speed Bow Compass with Adapter
(click on image to enlarge)
Alvin 6" Speed Bow Compass with Adapter
Shown with adapter in use. Pencil not included. (click on image to enlarge)

  #211MCAlvin 6" Speed Bow Compass & Divider
  • 6" pencil compass/divider with smooth-action center-wheel spindle mechanism
  • Fiberglass crown with nickel-plated zinc legs
  • Colorful leg inserts: assorted (blue, green, red and black)
  • Spare lead tube and divider point included
  • For circles 1/8" to 12" in diameter
Alvin 6" Speed Bow Compass$15.95
2mm compass lead tube, 3 leads/tube, HB grade
compass lead
211MC Alvin compass
(click on image to enlarge)

211MC Alvin compass
(click on image to enlarge)


  #704Alvin 6" Bow Compass
Description: Made from cast zinc with a fiberglass head, this traditional compass is perfect for the beginning chip carver. Makes circles from ½" to 10" in diameter. Features a center wheel spindle for precision adjustments and a replacement lead tube. Carded, no case.
Alvin 6" Bow Compass$10.95
Alvin 704 compass
(click on image to enlarge)


My Chip Carving Professional Kit v.2- 12 Month Platinum Membership & Knife Box for FREE! 

My Chip Carving Kit

Description: The perfect kit for anyone wanting to learn chip carving!
3 - My Chip Carving Knives v.2 - Cutting, Modified, and Stab Knives, all pre-sharpened!
1 - Sharpening Kit
1 - Pattern Transfer Tool
3 - Erasers - Tombow Sand, Staedtler white, Ink eraser pencil
2 - Flexible Rulers - 12" and 6"
4 - CLEAR Basswood practice boards
1- Instructional DVD, Chip Carving with Wayne Barton
1 - Complete Guide to Chip Carving, by Wayne Barton
FREE - Knife Box ($15.95 value) and 12 Month Platinum Membership! ($53.89 value) - 50+ downloadable lessons & patterns, special Member pricing on select products, new lessons and patterns each month!

chip carving kit


My Chip Carving Advanced Kit v.2- 6 Month Platinum Membership & Knife Box for FREE!

My Chip Carving Advanced Kit

2 -  My Chip Carving Knives v.2 - Cutting and Stab Knives, all pre-sharpened!
1 - Sharpening Kit
1 - 12" t-square
4 - CLEAR Basswood practice boards
1 - Complete Guide to Chip Carving, by Wayne Barton
FREE - Knife Box ($15.95 value) and 6 Month Platinum Membership! ($26.94 value) - 50+ downloadable lessons & patterns, special Member pricing on select products, new lessons and patterns each month!

advanced kit



My Chip Carving Essentials Kit v.2- 6 Month Platinum Membership! Save $10!

My Chip Carving Essentials Kit

Description: The essentials needed to start chip carving!
1 - My Chip Carving Cutting Knife - pre-sharpened!
1 - Sharpening Kit
1 - 12" t-square
4 - CLEAR Basswood practice boards
6 Month Platinum Membership! ($26.94 value) - 50+ downloadable lessons & patterns, special Member pricing on select products, new lessons and patterns each month!

chip carving essentials kit 



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