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Chip carving - what is it?
I was AMAZED when I first saw chip carving and said, "I've got to learn how to do that!"
Watch this quick intro to an instructional chip carving video to see what chip carving is like.
NOTE: It's all done with one knife!
And... I've put together an affordable Chip Carving Kit with all you need to get started!

This 5-Day, 10-Minute Power Workout Series is YOURS when you become a My Chip Carving Member! ...and many more patterns, lessons, free E-letter and MORE!

Chip carving is also known as kerbschnitzen, Swiss for engraving carving.
Chip carving is a skill you will enjoy for a lifetime and hopefully, pass this wood carving skill down to the next generation.

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Chip carving - who can do it?

Anyone can learn to chip carve. I've taught every age group
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David Lovemore, Amber Sculpture Studios, U.K. says this...
"Marty has from the very first communication been helpful, prompt in replying and totally professional in his approach. His teaching videos are clear, thoughtfully presented and user friendly.
His enthusiasm and expert application of the tools reflects the dedication he has for his chosen craft.
He has a range of high quality tools and chip carving supplies for sale."

Massimo Assumma writes...
"Wow! very good site and very good works!
I live in Italy and I've watched your videos, very interesting!"

Bill Judt, says...
"This is a very nice newsletter. Congratulations."

Steven B. is straight to the point with this comment...
"Your service is A+ the best!"

Tony brings up this point...
"Much appreciated.  I am surprised there is no fee or charge."

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 how to chip carve and I know I can teach you too. With proper technique and proper practice, good results can happen in a relatively short amount of time. I've seen nice chip carving results in two months. Watch this sample chip carving lesson to see how easy it really is. I guarantee I can teach you how to chip carve!

Chip carving - is it expensive to chip carve?

It is not expensive to chip carve! With the Chip Carving Kits I've put together, you are getting top quality knifes, sharpening stones, and teaching materials that will last you a lifetime. You only need two chip carving knives and ceramic sharpening stones to keep a razor sharp edge. That's all!
I only sell the best and stand behind everything I sell! I want you to succeed!

In the My Chip Carving Store you will find many basswood items to carve for less than $10. If you use the clear basswood practice boards you can carve Christmas ornaments for your friends for only $0.93/each!

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