“You’re About To Learn 'Secrets' That Most
Chip Carvers Will Never Know About How To Really Chip Carve...”

"Give me 10 minutes a day and I will teach you all the chip carving secrets that have taken me over 25 years to learn!"

- Marty, My Chip Carving       
chip carving That's right! Only 10 minutes a day and you will become the envy of your friends when they see what you've carved. chip carving

I've been a chip carver for a long time but I'll never forget the process I went through to get where I am today.

I don't believe in holding these secrets to chip carving success tightly. Rather, I want to share them with you.

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chip carving marty leenhouts I'm Marty Leenhouts, founder and president of My Chip Carving. When you become a My Chip Carving Member, you become a chip carving friend and part of the My Chip Carving family. chip carved bookholder one-piece
Grand Prize Winner - 2010 Laguna Tool Show Us Your Love Contest
*Plans to make & carve this one-piece book holder are available to you when you become a member!

"I don't want you to miss a single lesson, pattern, idea, tip, or personal insight I have to share with you."

My Chip Carving Members aren't shy when it comes to telling me about the fun they are having as they learn how to chip carve. Here's just a sampling...

"I started chip carving about 4 months ago when I found the side effects of chemo treatment I was undergoing made it unsafe to undertake my usual wood working activities. I started with Wayne Barton’s book The Complete Guide to Chip Carving, but now find the self learning curve is very flat. Working through the tutorials on your web site has been extremely beneficial, and there is already a noticeable improvement in the quality and consistency of my carving."      
John Hollingsworth

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the lessons you give on your website...  I have had the pair of chip carving knives for years, but being completely frustrated in trying to do chip carving I gave up.  A couple of days ago a good friend of mine sent me an e-mail about your website knowing I would probably like checking it out and he was so right.  Immediately I went on it and was so pleased at how well you described and showed the different steps.  It was so easy to understand and it gave me the confidence to try chip carving again."      
Deb Szuhai

Listen to what Dorothy Jones of BC, Canada, has to say...
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dorothy jones

Just like John, Deb, and Dorothy, you too can make beautiful chip carvings in a short time!

Soon your friends will be asking you to carve for them!

I want to give YOU my ideas!

As a My Chip Carving Member you will get MORE than chip carving lessons and patterns.

New ideas for items to chip carve are always flooding my mind. You'll never have to think, "What should I carve now?" Along with the idea I'll inspire you as well!

I take an idea, produce it in basswood, create a pattern, chip carve a sample (often making a video for you in the process), and then make it ALL available to YOU! No brain-freeze on ideas here!

"Good morning Marty,
You are an inspiration to us all. I use to chip carve ever so often but now I try and carve a little each night while my wife watches TV! Thanks for all the help you've given me in this short time I've known you!
Tommy Johnson

Marty, Your website is an awesome resource. Two weeks ago I never even heard of chip carving and now after watching your videos I feel I have enough information and inspiration to give it a shot! I'm really looking forward to getting started!
Greg Walker

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My Chip Carving 10-Minute Workout!

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The My Chip Carving 10-Minute Power Workout includes 5, 10-minute daily workouts that include almost all of the cuts used in chip carving! Using this workout program day-after-day will improve the quality of your carving tremendously! Guaranteed!

The My Chip Carving 10-Minutes Workout is all yours when you sign up as a Platinum Member! ($19.95 value)

I GUARANTEE, whether you are a beginner or experienced chip carver, that you WILL become a better chip carver if you follow this 10-Minute Power Workout!  Here's a preview...


YOU will carve like this too!

Follow my instruction and people you barely know will say,
"You are really an artist!"

Along with teaching you technique and the finer points of chip carving, I'll personally equip you to chip carve and not empty your savings account in the process.

As a Member, you will receive special discount pricing and money-saving coupons on various tools and items to carve.

I only sell the best chip carving tools and basswood products. If I wouldn't use it or carve it myself, I won't sell it! You have my word on it along with a satisfaction guarantee.

"Marty, That modified knife you sent me is pure magic! I have never had such clean and easy cuts. It has restored the fun to chip carving. The shape of the blade, the shape at the tip make carving much easier and pleasing."
Ed Winters

"Hi Marty,
Just had to tell you how much I'm enjoying carving this box you sent. I wish all basswood was this beautiful.  It's like butter.
No tired muscles. Not needing to quit because the arm hurts. Just pure enjoyment in seeing the pattern cut out of the wood.
Thanks, Marty
Josephine Stueven

I'm ready to succeed! Sign me up!

I wanted you to know how pleased I was with the chip carving package I ordered.  The WB knives are incredibly sharp and move through the wood with amazing smoothness.  I’ve spent a week or so practicing.

I’m very impressed with how you conduct your business and the dedication and responsiveness you show to your customers."

Norman J. Ullom-Morse

"Marty...every item I have ordered from you has been of exceptional quality from the wood to the tools. The carvers I have introduced to your website enjoy it very much. I encourage you to keep up the good work... Regards, David"
David Becker

"Thanks Marty!.. Please keep up the great work with our fantastic hobby. I appreciate your free lessons, great tools, and quality products. Your attention to customer service is why I will always come back to you and your company for all of my chip carving supplies."
George Fotiadis

I will teach you the steps to chip carving SUCCESS!

Sign up and save $$ now!

"Hi Marty,
I’ve received the modified knife and have been carving with it for a week or so. First, thanks for the fast delivery. And it came razor sharp, as promised. The sharpening service was well worth the extra couple of bucks. I do like the narrower blade, especially for curves and for small chips. It definitely makes the carving a lot easier. Now I’m using the knife for most all my carving, but for the big cuts I still go to a larger knife. And the Lamp knives really are a great value
And, as always, your wood is A1. Thanks much."
Ed Metzler

john duffy chip carver John Duffy knows the value found at My Chip Carving...
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