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My Chip Carving Foundation

The My Chip Carving Foundation is designed to help individuals learn how to chip carve who don't have the financial means to do so. Many of us are very blessed to be able to live the life we do and enjoy chip carving in our spare time. Compared to other types of carving and woodworking, chip carving is relatively inexpensive. But even as "relatively inexpensive", chip carving still falls outside the realm of possibility for some individuals. This is where the My Chip Carving Foundation steps in. 

If many of us make just a small contribution to the My Chip Carving Foundation, we can help many individuals around the world get started in the skill of chip carving that we've all come to enjoy. I will do my part as well by providing all materials at or below cost to all Foundation recipients. I have established a separate PayPal account for the My Chip Carving Foundation and will keep an accurate accounting of all Foundation funds and will provide clear and accurate record keeping for open and honest accountability.

Contribution methods:
1. Send any amount* using your PayPal account. Login to your PayPal account and click on the Send Money tab. Enter as the email address. 2. Mail check or money order* to: My Chip Carving, 51654 164th St., Garden City, MN 56034
Please note on your check: My Chip Carving Foundation

*Contributions to the My Chip Carving Foundation are not tax deductible

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Applying for Foundation assistance
Do you know someone who you believe qualifies for assistance from the My Chip Carving Foundation?
Application form - (Word doc)
Application form - (Adobe pdf)

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